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How To Make Fish & Chips In A Beer Batter

You wouldn’t think there was very much to making fish & chips but in forty years of traveling North America, I’ve discovered very few examples of Authentic English Fish & Chips.

The choice of fish, the preparation of the chips, the oil they’re cooked in and, most importantly, the batter are factors that all contribute to the final taste. If you’ve had real English fish & chips and want to recapture that experience you can either fly to London or pick up this book.

In this compact, information-packed, book you’ll find:

  • how to hand cut and prepare the potatoes and cook the chips (aka French fries)
  • suggestions for the type of fish fillets such as cod, haddock, etc. and if should you use fresh or frozen
  • selecting the oil and method for deep frying (PLUS newly added Air Fryer directions for a more healthy option)
  • how to make the common side dish – mushy peas
  • and now with:
    • Air Fryer directions for perfect, crispy, healthier chips every time
    • directions on how to partially cook the battered fish and then freeze it for later use
    • Air Fryer directions on how to cook your frozen, partially pre-cooked, battered fish so you can enjoy a piping hot, fresh, single serving of fish & chips using your Air Fryer.
  • Giveaways – be sure to check out the back of the book for your link to choose a book from our catalog for FREE as a thank you for buying this book.
  • Videos – follow the link in this book to enjoy a FREE membership to our video recipes membership site.

Get this book now and don’t wait another minute to start making your own Authentic English Fish & Chips.

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