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How To Make Beef Stew With Dumplings

Beef and kidney stew is a dinner staple in every British kitchen. It is very simple to make but if you make the mistake of throwing everything in a pot and boiling it you will end up with a disaster. This guide shows you, in an easy step-by-step manner, how to make not just beef stew but any stew, perfectly every time.

No matter whether you are making beef, ham, chicken, turkey or vegetable stew it’s the flavor of the gravy that will make or break it.

  • Learn the secrets to good gravy starting with a good stock or broth and the proper seasonings.
  • Learn how to make good nutritious, flavorful stews from scratch, using fresh ingredients, without a recipe.
  • Learn how to fix any of your experiments that don’t work out.

New, in this revised edition:,

  • Instant Pot directions for quicker, easier, nearly fool-proof stew
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